VxWorks 5.x to 6.x Migration

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  • Format: Lectures and Labs
  • Type: Instructor-led
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The VxWorks® 5.x to 6.x Migration training course increases the productivity of software engineers developing VxWorks applications with Wind River® Workbench.

After this course, participants will be able to perform the following:

  • Build and configure a VxWorks real-time system
  • Use the VxWorks API to design and develop real-time applications in kernel and user modes
  • Build, test, and debug real-time applications in a target-host development environment with Workbench and VxWorks
  • Migrate from Tornado 2.x to the Workbench environment
  • Convert a VxWorks 5.5 application into an RTP
  • VxWorks 6.7
  • Wind River Workbench 3.1
  • Earlier product releases (topics may vary)
  • Engineers proficient in Tornado/VxWorks
  • New project members on teams using Wind River products
  • Senior engineers evaluating VxWorks technology

Day 1

Getting Started

  • Available tools
  • Directory structure
  • Help resources
  • VxWorks simulator
  • LAB: Getting started

Managing Projects in Workbench

  • Introduction to VxWorks projects
  • Project explorer overview
  • Application projects
  • Build specifications
  • LAB: Project management

VxWorks Source Builds

  • Introduction and purpose of VSBs
  • Workbench projects
  • Command-line usage
  • VSB options
  • VSB projects and VxWorks builds
  • LAB: VSB

Using VxWorks Shells

  • Kernel shell
  • LAB: Host shell and shell interpreters

Day 2


  • Debugger
  • Configuration
  • GUI and usage overview (setting breakpoints, etc.)
  • Kernel-space debugging and application-space debugging
  • LAB: Debugger

Using Dynamic printf Event Points

  • Using dprintf in the C and cmd modes
  • Using dprintf with RTPs
  • Applying dprintf through Workbench
  • LAB: dprintf

Real-Time Processes (RTPs)

  • RTP file generation
  • Starting an application
  • Shared data and library usage
  • LAB: Real-Time Processes

Overlapped RTP Virtual Memory

  • RTP virtual memory models
  • RTP code regions
  • Configuring VxWorks
  • Identifying RTP code regions
  • Building absolutely linked RTPs
  • LAB: Memory

Day 3

Error Management

  • Error reporting framework
  • Persistent memory
  • Error records
  • Error detection and reporting configuration
  • LAB: Error detection and reporting

System Viewer

  • System viewer
  • System viewer configuration and log explanation
  • Triggering
  • User events
  • LAB: System viewer

Migration from Tornado 2.x

  • Importing Tornado and SNiFF+ projects
  • Running a VxWorks 5.5 application in the kernel
  • Converting a VxWorks 5.5 application into an RTP
  • BSP and device driver migration issues
  • LAB: Migration

Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite Skills

  • One year of C programming
  • Basic understanding of operating systems and debugging techniques
  • This three-day expert-led course consists of lectures and lab sessions.
  • Attendees use VxWorks 6.7 and Wind River Workbench 3.1 to gain experience with the topics presented.
  • Participants examine and exercise simulated network topologies in hands-on labs.
  • Participants receive individual guidance from an expert engineer who has extensive experience with Wind River technologies.
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