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Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT

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Course Details Summary

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Course Information: View
  • Format: Lectures and Labs
  • Type: Instructor-led
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The Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform XT Essentials course provides engineers and system designers with a fast, cost-effective way to learn to use Wind River Helix™ Device Cloud to build high-performance, manageable, scalable, and secure Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for various market segments. The training describes how the Intel® IoT Gateway works with Wind River software.

After taking this course, participants will be able to perform the following:

  • Fully utilize the capabilities of target hardware to increase the security, manageability, and connectivity of applications software
  • Configure, build, and deploy various Intelligent Device Platform XT software collections in a secure manner
  • Create and deploy Intelligent Device Platform XT compatible software applications
  • Securely store and manage data in the cloud
  • Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT 3.x
  • Wind River Helix Device Cloud 1.2
  • Wind River Linux 7
  • Hardware Supported
    • QEMU-KVM simulated target
  • Developers involved in IoT on Intel general purpose processors
  • System architects and system integrators involved with the design of devices that are part of IoT

Day 1

Introduction to Intelligent Device Platform XT

  • What is Intelligent Device Platform XT?
  • Why use Intelligent Device Platform XT?
  • How does Intelligent Device Platform XT work with other products?
  • Intelligent Device Platform XT workflow

Intelligent Device Platform XT Architecture

  • Architecture
  • Secure Remote Management (SRM) components
  • Device management
  • LAB: Getting Started with Intelligent Device Platform XT

Introduction to IoT Security

  • Device security
  • Cloud security
  • Device-to-cloud security
  • Cloud API security
  • The security development cycle

Verified and Secure Boot

  • Secure boot
  • GRUB boot loader
  • SPI flash
  • Verified boot
  • SRM signing tool

Linux Grsecurity

  • Grsecurity®
  • PaX and ASLR
  • Grsecurity tools
  • LAB: Using Grsecurity

Secure Remote Management Basics

  • Public key cryptography
  • Intelligent Device Platform XT personas
  • Key management
  • Trusted Software Stack
  • SRM features using Trusted Platform Module
  • LAB: Generating Keys for Intelligent Device Platform XT

Day 2

Integrity Measurement

  • What is integrity measurement (IM)?
  • Role of IM tools
  • Application integrity measurement (AIM)
  • Maintaining IM
  • Embedded Control
  • LAB: Using the Tamper-proof File System
  • LAB: Deploying Signed RPMs
  • LAB: Using McAfee Embedded Control
  • LAB: Configuring Encrypted Storage

Managing Intelligent Device Platform XT Targets Remotely

  • Wind River Helix Device Cloud
  • TR-069
  • OMA DM
  • LuCI
  • LAB: Exploring LuCI
  • LAB: Configuring LuCI


  • Hardware connectivity options
  • Software connectivity options
  • Multiwan

Intelligent Device Platform XT Application Stacks

  • OpenJDK
  • Lua/MQTT
  • Python
  • SQLite
  • OSGi
  • LAB: Working with Lua-MQTT Software
  • LAB: Using OpenJDK
  • LAB: Integrating Python Applications
  • LAB: Integrating SQLite3 Applications
  • LAB: Configuring the Device Cloud Agent

Wind River Helix Device Cloud

  • LAB: Configuring the Device Cloud Agent

Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite Skills

  • Intermediate knowledge of Linux platforms
  • C or Java programming skills
  • This two-day, expert-led course consists of lectures and lab sessions.
  • Students receive personal guidance from expert Wind River instructors.
  • Students use Intelligent Device Platform XT and Wind River Linux products to gain experience with the topics presented.
  • Participants examine and exercise simulated targets in hands-on labs.
  • Participants receive individual guidance from an expert engineer who has extensive experience with Wind River technologies.