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Open Virtualization Essentials

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  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Course Information: View
  • Format: Lectures and Labs
  • Type: Instructor-led
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Wind River® Open Virtualization bridges the worlds of embedded Linux and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Open Virtualization is an optional add-on to Wind River Linux that allows you to create a cloud computing platform with industry-leading determinism. This course focuses on the practical aspects of building and deploying the components of Open Virtualization.

After this course, participants will be able to perform the following:

  • Build and deploy the basic Open Virtualization images
  • Build and deploy the Open Virtualization oVirt images
  • Configure an oVirt Node using the oVirt Engine
  • Perform basic debugging of end-user host and guest applications
  • Tune an Open Virtualization virtual node
  • Benchmark an Open Virtualization virtual node
  • Wind River Linux 5
  • The following lab targets are available: x86_64 target
  • Application developers
  • Platform developers
  • System architects
  • Testers

Day 1

Introduction to Open Virtualization

  • Open Virtualization virtual node architecture
  • Product layers

Building Open Virtualization

  • Open Virtualization build overview
  • Open Virtualization QEMU Guest platform build
  • Modifications for Linux containers
  • Open Virtualization host platform build
  • Open Virtualization platform build with oVirt
  • LAB: Building Open Virtualization images

Deploying Open Virtualization

  • Open Virtualization deployment considerations
  • The installer image
  • PXE and NFS booting
  • Launching QEMU Guest
  • Launching Linux containers
  • LAB: Deploying Open Virtualization


  • libvirt overview
  • Using virsh
  • LAB: Launching a VM using virsh

Day 2

Open Virtualization Networking Essentials

  • Open Virtualization networking overview
  • QEMU networking
  • LXC networking
  • LAB: Inter-VM networking

Application Debugging

  • Debugging a VM from Wind River Workbench
  • Debugging a VM from target
  • LAB: Debugging a VM application using Workbench


  • Introduction to oVirt
  • ovirt-node
  • ovirt-engine
  • LAB: Managing VMs from oVirt Engine

Introduction to Tuning

  • Open Virtualization tuning overview
  • Tuning the virtual node
  • Node hardware requirements
  • UEFI configuration
  • LAB: Launching a VM with an isolated CPU

Introduction to Benchmarking

  • What to benchmark
  • How to benchmark
  • LAB: Running a latency benchmark

Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite Skills

  • Understanding of embedded programming concepts
  • One year of experience on Linux/UNIX
  • Experience and familiarity with Wind River Linux 5
  • This two-day expert-led course consists of lectures and lab sessions.
  • Attendees use Wind River Linux 5.0.
  • Participants receive individual guidance from an expert engineer who has extensive experience with Wind River technologies.